Cala n Forcat Menorca

Whether you are family looking for a resort with lots to keep the children happy, or a couple in search of sun and sand, holidays in Cala'n Forcat more than fit the bill. Children will adore the bouncy castles, aqua park and trampolines, whilst couples are sure to enjoy stretching out on the bathing platforms by day and then hitting the bars by night. Cala'n Forcat is also a good place from which to explore the rest of the west coast. Situated 50km from Mahon and 5km west of the former capital, Ciudadela, on a dramatic rocky headland, Cala'n Forcat is considered to be Menorca's liveliest resort. However, Menorca's answer to Magaluf it is not and herein lies its appeal, as far as most are concerned. You'll still find cheap snack bars, English theme pubs and karaoke dens, but it's a lot more low-key in comparison with its bustling Balearic neighbour. With a flight time of less than 3 hours, last minute holidays to Cala'n Forcat are an alluring proposition. And once you get here you'll discover some great accommodation, whether you select the family-friendly Talayot Apartments or a villa with its own pool, summer holidays to Cala'n Forcat will leave you with some wonderful memories coupled with a desire to return…

The resort of Cala n Forcat can be found on the Balearic island of Menorca (sometimes called Minorca). The island of Menorca is the second largest of the three Balearic islands and is just 21 miles from the bigest island, Majorca. Those who have already taken a holiday in either Majorca or Ibiza, will notice that Menorca is usually quieter than the other Balaeric islands. With more beaches than any other Balearic island, Menorca is reknowned for it's large number of resorts that are relaxed and low key. The northern coast of Menorca is mainly quite rugged and sprinkled with quiet fishing villages. The south coast of Menorca is generally the exact opposite and is populated with tranquil resorts that are relaxed and low key.

As already stated Menorca is relatively a small island. If you hire a car you should be able get around the whole island. There are plenty of tourist information offices dotted around in the resorts of Menorcaoffering current information regarding Menorca beaches, local events and excursions. The tourism information offices are also an excellent source for a map of Menorca.

Menorca is a lot smaller and less bustling than Majorca. This unhurried pace is probably why Menorca holidays are mainly aimed towards the family holiday market. Unsuprisingly the majority of resorts are considered to be family friendly. The Balearic island of Menorca is less developed and keeps a large amount of the original island charm than the other islands. So why don't you pack your sunglasses and book up for Cala n Forcat in Menorca and absorb some sun on an island with authentic Balearic charm and character?